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Without our volunteers, the hands and feet of Jesus, Rock Bottom Outreach would not exist. Everything we do relies on the efforts of those who are called to serve others as Jesus would. We need people who have no agendas or egos to fulfill, but have heard the voice of the Holy Spirit telling them to give out of their own need to those who are suffering, hungry, naked or afraid. If this message is confirmation of that tug on your heart, join us in our efforts. It will be life changing.


The Rock Bottom Outreach Authentic Brotherhood Men's Discipleship meets every other Thursday evening at 7:00 pm in Keller, TX. Text or call 469-360-6487 for details.


Real Talk Bible Study is held on Wednesday evenings at Zera Coffee Shop in Denton, TX at 420 East McKinney Street.


The best example of how to get and be involved is from Jesus. Outside of attending synagogue, He also did something equally important and that is He had a group. He got together with His best friends and other disciples to maintain consistent relationship with them. These people served, helped, and at times even ministered with Him.